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The SEO tools always help to give the required support to make the best strategy for SEO projects as well as to gauge the results. Based on your SEO project size and need, you can use either free or paid SEO tools. In one of our recent Blogs, we had shared top 50 free SEO Tools. Today we will share top 3 Paid SEO tools for you. Of course, there are many SEO tools available in the market which you can use for your SEO project, but we will recommend the top 3 which we found the best with the returns it offered over our investment.

If you are using all digital marketing channels for your project, then this can be one of the best investments because this tool gives insightful data and reports about paid and organic campaigns and metrics.

You can even compare your data with competitors to see how you are performing. The tool gives real time update about the keyword rankings and also who is doing well for your targeted keywords in your competition. For paid campaigns it unveils the details of ad copy, bid, etc. for targeted keywords.

Along with this it has social strategy builder and many other tools to give you all required tools and suggestions to perform well with your SEO project.

Price: 99.95 USD/Month to 399.95 USD/Month

Complete Feature list:

It is a perfect tool which works with its own index to provide insightful reports on different performance metrics.  This will prove to be the best investment if you love analyzing the activities of your competitors in real time. The data on this site get refreshed every 15 minutes, which ensures accurate reporting.

You can use this tool for research of keywords, content, backlinks, along with web monitoring. You can use its different tools to analyze the performance of your website and competitors so you can build a better strategy in the right direction to bring success for your SEO projects.

Price: 99 USD/Month to 999 USD/Month

Complete Feature list:

Moz Pro
Moz is known name in the SEO and digital marketing industry. It has an open community which helps SEO people and it also has an amazing paid tool, called, Moz Pro. It gives all metrics one may need to analyze his website performance and perform competitor research. Also, you can track the keyword rankings and see its performance compared to historical data.

To be specific, you can check keyword ranks, social signals, traffic, links, etc. for the project you have created over Moz. The most loved things by Moz users about it is its community. It has a community of experts who answers your queries and helps you to perform well.

Price: 99 USD/Month to 599 USD/Month

Complete Feature list:


Above mentioned tools are part of our SEO arsenal and have helped us define our strategy. However, everyone has their own taste so make sure you try the free trial first and if you like then go ahead with the paid subscription.

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