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The recent stats of changing user behavior and increasing popularity of search has made it necessary for each business that it uses web marketing for undeniable growth. If you are still unaware of the search stats, please visit our previous article: Must know SEO stats. If you have already realized the value of SEO and wondering whether to hire a trustworthy SEO company or build an on-premises team by hiring SEO experts, this article will help you with 7 major reasons that prove contracting a reputable SEO firm is better than building an on-premises SEO team.

Quick Start of Your Web Marketing Project
If you are thinking to build an on-premises team, you need to invest a lot of time finding a right SEO expert and need to go through a long process of rolling resumes, short listing candidates, interviewing them and going through a lengthy and tedious process of hiring an SEO expert. Also, it is possible you make a mistake by hiring a wrong SEO professional as you might not have broad knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and its current trends and you hire someone who is good at tricking people with big stories.

A reputable SEO firm will have SEO ninjas ready to work for you and you may start as soonest as possible. The SEO experts working in any SEO company go through a complete screening process by the experts of the company and also get required training and frequent education to serve customers with the best SEO services and result oriented approach. This way, it will be assured the best SEO professionals are working for you. Furthermore, you don’t need to go through recruitment process; you can start from the next day itself.

Highly Proficient Team
SEO companies spend a lot of money and time on their staff to keep them educated with the latest SEO trends and best practices. Furthermore, the SEO specialists working in an SEO agency have a lot of knowledge exchange as each of them working on different projects of different industry verticals. Thus, the SEO experts working in a trustworthy SEO company will have strong skills and broad knowledge of the industry. The same proficiency is difficult to get with an on-site team because they are less likely to get exposure to a wider spectrum of Search Engine Optimization. According to a survey by Curata, only 8% SEO professionals working in a company other than an SEO agency participate in activities of learning; they don’t get time from routines to get further SEO educations.

Quick Results
The SEO companies always give a clearer picture about things and their proactive team start working on the very first day of contract in the direction of getting results because they need to prove themselves to retain the customer. On the other hand, in-house SEO professionals often spend a lot of time in the process of induction, learning about new business and finishing a whole lot of other processes.

Better Utilization of Resources & Easy Management
Many companies think having an on-premises team of SEO specialist can work more productively. However, the fact is absolutely different. According to the shared stats by Entrepreneur, the on-premises team often spends a lot of time in internal meetings and that time is counted in billable hours of the company and yields no results. Furthermore, the on-premises SEO team needs to get managed by a c-level resource or the owner himself. Often, managers doing too many follow-ups and micromanaging the team end up getting no noteworthy returns. Also, it has been witnessed the staff leading SEO team in the company are not having enough industry knowledge to lead and mentor team to perform well that impact the overall performance of the team and the SEO specialists often stay underutilized.

A good SEO agency will have highly trained SEO veterans who will keep on mentoring the SEO professionals at each stage of the project to get the best results. Moreover, you will not be paying for managerial staff and internal meetings conducted by the team. This will save a notable amount on man-hours. You will further save a lot of time, efforts and money that will not be invested in managing team. You will get professional reports with clear progress stats, so all you are focusing on is: GROWTH and SUCCESS.

Result Oriented
The fierce competition is SEO industry will make an SEO agency to do whatever it requires to retain you as a client. They will put extra efforts to get better results and delight you with their services. An in-house SEO team may also work the same way, but the working mentality of employee is well known, you need to be on top of them all the time to ensure they perform better. On the other hand, you will get the best results from the SEO agency without any push.

Move at your pace
A trustworthy SEO company provides required consultancy to guide their customers. Moreover, they have required expertise to create an SEO strategy in your budget, so you can start with the marketing budget you can allocate at the moment. On the other hand, the monthly salary of an SEO expert is fixed and you have to make a minimum investment of that much every month. Furthermore, if you want to increase efforts, then, you need to hire another SEO professional who can work and need to invest a fixed amount payroll. Don’t forget investment of time and efforts in talent hunting and resource management process. While with a trustworthy SEO company, all you need to do is specify your budget and get going. In future, when you want to increase the budget, just ask them to define additional efforts for an X amount.

Expansion in your hand
Today’s SEO firms often have staff with expertise in other digital marketing field along with Search Engine Optimization. You can easily add more SEO specialist for your project working from the next day and you can also expand your business reach from search to social by contracting them for social media marketing. They will guide you with the investment strategy as well by defining what other digital marketing service will work better for your business.

End note:
Generally, business owners prefer building an in-house team of SEO specialists to use their full potential, plus, having quick communication. However, the fact is hiring an SEO agency yields better results with their highly proficient SEO experts. Also, in today’s world communication is not a barrier at all. You get a SPOC and can have a quick chat or call whenever you feel to discuss about your business, web marketing and other facts.

We are serving many companies with our SEO expertise and bring best-in-the-industry results for them. You can gain best SEO results as well. Contact us for free consultation and discussion about your project.

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    Amazing article! I can’t agree more with your thoughts. I have made up my mind to go for remote SEO model than in-house. Share your SEO packages.

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      Thanks Rebecca. An email sent to you. 🙂


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