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Holiday season rings bell of happiness, joy and business! A month from Thanksgiving to Christmas is spring for a few businesses, and the opportunity gets extended even after Christmas till and post New Year. According to the statistics, 40% of shopping of the year is performed during this time. To help businesses to grow their business with lead generation, we had shared the top 7 digital marketing tips last week. This week, we will share the top 5 Social Media Marketing tips and growth hacking tactics to create a winning SMM strategy:

1. Use holiday specific visuals
This is the time to go colorful. Stop running normal campaigns which you would be running in normal days of the year. Come up with colorful and visually attractive campaigns to attract attention of your potential customers. This is the time when small to big brands fight on the social media space to get the attention of your customers and you have to use a lot of attractive pictures, videos, etc. to grab attention.

2. Run competition(s)
You can get double benefit with this strategy. You can generate user generated content, plus, push your products without spending on paid ads.  Run interesting contents such as take a pic in our café and the best pic will win a free food voucher; or add a pic of your latest gift bought from us and the best pic will win a special gift. There can be many as such interesting participatory campaigns, in which, your customers will market you by creating content.

3. Use Paid Ads
The holiday season is the time to pull up your sleeves to get into the market to grab attention of your consumers for lead generation. You have to invest in paid ads as your competitors are taking benefit of paid ads. Try to use remarketing campaigns as it gives the best ROI because you are targeting the people who have already shown interest in your product.

4. Target more than one social networking websites
Generally, people put all their attention over a single social networking website such as Facebook because it has the maximum user engagement and audience reach. However, a diversified SMM campaign by amalgamating different social channels such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. will help you to reach a more diversified audience, which can result in better ROI.

5. Keep monitoring and fine tuning
You just can’t sit back and relax at all; this is the holiday time and you have to be on your toe to get the best business benefits by generating brand awareness and leads. Keep monitoring trends and customer behavior; keep tracking your SMM campaigns and be fast enough to make changes in the strategy and campaigns to take benefit of trends. For example, if your one product is doing really well, push it more even if it is not your premium product.

These are the top 5 SMM growth hacking tactics to devise a winning holiday marketing strategy on social networking sites. To get more such tips and tactics subscribe to our Blog by giving your email address in “sign up” form displayed in the sidebar.

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