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Paid ads helps in generating quick results for your investment in marketing. Also, paid digital advertising generates measurable results to help you identify how effective or ineffective your PPC campaign is! Whenever we talk about paid Ads, Google is the first name comes to mind as it has the biggest search stock as well as the biggest network to show your ads. For Google paid ads, PPC experts use Google Adword to run different types of ads.

There are 5 common yet deadly mistakes made by PPC managers or beginners which result in failed or unsuccessful Adword campaign. Also, explore tips which can be used to ensure success for your Adword campaign.

1. Mistake with Keywords
This is the huge area of mistakes.

  1. You may be targeting too broad keywords which make you run out of budget with useless clicks. For example, we are a digital marketing agency so if I target word ‘digital marketing’ it is too broad and make me run out of budget without any effective results. Why? Because people searching with that keyword may want to learn digital marketing; or searching in general; or want to see the latest news in digital marketing; or finding an alternative of digital marketing. All these are not my targeted audience so I am not addressing them with information on the landing page. This will make them click on my ad, land on my page and bounce back. Waste of money for me without any conversion! 🙂
  2. You are not setting keyword type. This will select ‘Broad Match’ by default. This will make you appear in irrelevant search results as well. Again, waste of money for me without any conversion! L


  1. Make sure you choose specific keywords which your target audience must be searching. If you have a tight budget, select long tail keywords. For example of our digital marketing company, better keywords are Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing Agency from India, Digital Marketing Service Provider, etc.
  2. Select suitable keyword type. I personally recommend using ‘Exact Match’ and ‘Phrase Match’.

2. Not Adding Negative Keywords
This is a must use feature of Google Adwords which is not known by many. These are keywords for which you prefer not to appear in search results. For reference of digital marketing agency, we wouldn’t like to appear in search result for keywords like free digital marketing service, free digital marketing tools, digital marketing software, etc. Because we don’t provide these services so there is no meaning for appearing for this type of search queries.


  1. Set negative keywords.

3. Unclear Ad Copy
In the craze of making innovative and creative ad copy, people make it unclear. The message is something which either can’t be understood by the audience or convey the wrong message. The user will anyways bounce back even if they click on your ad.


The user who is reading your ad copy must understand what you are offering and what he should expect from your landing page. Better to have a simple ad copy which is easy to understand.

4. Sending traffic to the home page or generic page
Often people use home page or a generic page for each ad which contributes in increased bounce rate. Following g our example of digital marketing agency, if my ad talks about SEO service and I put home page or general digital marketing page URL, the visitors are more likely to bounce back.


Design specific landing page relevant to your ad copy and campaign. Following the example on hand, I better use a specifically designed landing page talking only about our SEO services.

5. Adding non-working details
This is actually a common mistake made by many marketers. They put broken URLs, incomplete phone number and relevant details. Of course, Google Adwords works great to highlight such issues still a few such mistakes left unattended in campaigns and ads, which results in waste of money.


  1. Double check the details you add in your Adword campaigns.

Hope this information helps you to improve your ad campaigns to get better ROI. If you still have any question or need help of PPC experts to make your PPC campaign successful, contact us.

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