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LinkedIn is the only networking website which is made for professionals. The agenda of this social networking platform is a business networking and growth. But the problem is, here, everyone is stuck in a race of getting business for own self. People think by adding more connections, they might get more sales or business, which is not true! Even after having 1000s of connections people fail to generate leads. While a professional with less than 100 connections generates many qualified business leads.

 Here are 3 simple steps to be followed to convert your LinkedIn profile in a massive lead generation channel:

  • Know your connections; Exchange information about each others’ business and key skills
  • Pass a relevant business opportunity to the relevant connection; Refer businesses to each other
  • Make sure to read & respond to the messages of your connections; Genuinely stay connected

Remember, when you’re referring a business to your connection, they will surely keep you in mind for the opportunities related to you. Also, you can ask for the referral bonus while you’re referring business. But, remember you can only get the referral bonus for converted lead only.

We all need to understand that Business is all about helping each other to grow. It’s all about creating a win win situation. People forget this fundamental fact and fail in leveraging the benefits of LinkedIn, an amazing business platform.

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