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Hello All,

I’m the founder and director of Digital Marketers India (DMIn).

2016 will say goodbye in a few hours. This year will always be special for me as it not only given me an amazing dream of being an entrepreneur, but it has also given me courage to get into an action to give face to my dream. I’m thankful to all those friends and business professionals who shown believe in me and encouraged me to go for it! I’d also like to thank everyone who directly or indirectly motivated and supported me to get on to the way of this new journey. We, me and team of Digital Marketers India (DMIn), are happy to share that in such a small time span, we got opportunities to provide our services to clients from different parts of the world. We have started with a few projects and a small team and looking forward to 2017 with gusto to make it big! Even when I’m writing this, I can feel the shine in my eyes and smile on my face. This was a small share from a personal note as an entrepreneur.

Now, getting into the role of a Digital Marketer, I would say, All of us, you and me, in the Digital Marketing field are excited for 2017 with open arms to embrace all opportunities and success coming towards us. At the same time, we are all ready to face the upcoming challenges with the positive spirit and learning attitude. But, before we make a start for the great 2017, this is the time to look back and recollect what happened in 2016 in the world of SEO, Social Media and other digital marketing channels. This will help us to take our learning ahead with us in 2017 to attain new summits of success. To make it a bit easier for you, here we, Digital Marketers India (DMIn), have come up with 2 Blog posts which will give you a glance of some big changes faced by the Digital world in 2016.

Year In Review 2016: Social Networking/Media World
Year In Review 2016: SEO World

To summarize, we can say, the social media has introduced and faced more changes than SEO industry.

I’d love to hear from you about your feedback, blessings, motivation or anything you would like to share with me via comment or an email message.


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