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Marketing is less of a luxury and more of a necessity nowadays. That, too, Digital Marketing! Gone are the days when you were attracting customers, just because your service or product is good. Among fierce competition and rapidly changing trends, you have to match pace with the market to ensure you don’t stay behind. That’s why, Digital Marketing is a must apply business strategy these days.

There are many Digital Marketing agencies across the world who offers digital marketing services. Also, a whole herd of so called “SEO Experts” are there at your service and that also at cheap rates. Moreover, an urge to learn and do your marketing on our own is something allures you the most. However, it is advisable to outsource your digital marketing project to an expert Digital marketer or hire one in your team. Also, beware of those suspicious cheap SEO service providers. Why?

1. Google doesn’t give field to play and fix anymore

In a past few years, Google has introduced a lot many complex algorithms such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, EMD, so on and so forth. Once upon a time, Google allowed webmasters to play and mess with their website. However, now, Google and all other major search engines are inclined to serve their customers with the best results. As part of the quality result service, search engines penalized messed up websites as and when they catch the one. Trust me, working on website optimization and SEO from scratch would cause less time, money and efforts than recovering a website from penalty and getting good SEO results for it.


2. Social Media Marketing is much more strategic than just posting a picture

Social Media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and generate awareness about products and brands. When as a consumer or 3rd person, you will see a company page on social networking site; you may feel this is just posting a few pics and text. However, social media marketing is a strategic job. It considers factors such as what picture to be created, when it shall be posted, what will be the CTA (Call To Action), and much more. That’s the reason an experienced social media marketing expert can pull more reach and eyeballs than you. Remember, this is not about getting hundreds of likes. This is about getting hundreds of reach.


3. Content Writing is way tougher than writing a lengthy or short piece of words

We all are writers at some extent. However, in digital marketing, we need SEO friendly yet engaging content. It deals with many complex factors such as keywords, keyword proximity, density, etc. Moreover, it has to be understandable by a normal reader. It shouldn’t be filled with technical specifications or jargons. This job can be done well by the experienced content writers than anyone who has good command over English and can write well.

An experienced person has devoted his time and years in the field sharpening his skills. He knows ifs and buts of the job he is doing. As nobody can run your business better than you, you can’t replace an expert service with your own error and trial approach or with some other cheap solutions. Remember, cheap solution will always come with its own side effects and sometimes those are very difficult to recover.

The best solution is to find an experienced Digital marketing expert and only focus on the expected realistic results.

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