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Success in SEO has always been like a puzzle for many SEO professionals, aspiring SEOs and business people who like to get the massive success in their SEO projects. Today, I will share the top 5 things which you can do to get the best returns over investment in SEO of your project according to the modern SEO Trends. This tips and quick hacks actually work and can be used with any type of SEO project such as website marketing, app marketing, eCommerce business, so on and so forth.

The magic unveiled of Success in SEO. Follow these Top 5 SEO Guidelines:

1. Invest Wisely
Digital marketing is a huge industry and so does the SEO is! There are many different channels, activities and best practices. Thus, be wise enough to make your strategy which has to be long term. You shouldn’t change your target pretty often or make changes in the strategy too frequent. You must choose the strategy and target wise and keep it for a considerable amount time (ideal is 6-9 months minimum) to see the actual ROI. Also, be wise to invest in different SEO activities to ensure you get the best returns.

 Invest Wisely in Digital Marketing


2. Make stuff people want
As business promoters, we are inclined to do promotions of our services. Also, we’re too concerned in highlighting our strengths and how we are best among all other competitors. You waste a lot of money in creating content. Yes, you waste money because you are creating content which you like.

On the contrary, the SEO strategy which actually works creates content and stuff which its targeted audience likes. To make your job simpler, here are the types of most effective content which you can create to get success in your SEO project:

  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • How To Articles (Step by step user guides)
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Blogs

 Make stuff people like


3. Be Generous
As much as you give, as much as you get is the rule of life and business as well. Try to support other businesses grow with your possible contributions, suggestions, etc. All of these will come back to you in the form of gratitude, citation, backlinks or at least blessings to grow.

Be Generous


4. Rock your keywords
Don’t run behind a few dream keywords. Now, the sky is the limit because SEO started working on ‘Behavioral’ Keywords instead of ‘Exact Match’ keywords. Use synonyms, long tail, short tail and different versions of the keywords which your potential audience must be looking for and get into the top positions to increase your traffic and business. Also, it will help decrease paid budget to save more and increase your ROI.

Rock your keywords

seo visibility

As you saw 93% people don’t go to the 2nd page so make sure you secure your place in the 1st page.

5. Give Right Direction
While someone land to your website from any source, he shouldn’t feel lost. Your landing page must match the search query on which user clicked. Also, the landing page must be clean, easy to understand and digest along with a clearer call to action. The call to action is a message which guides visitor about the next step.

Give great direction

As SEO industry is rapidly changed and keep on changing; as now wrong SEO can bring hard to recover penalties at your door; it’s better to take the help of an SEO expert or digital marketing expert instead of playing with it on your own.

Hope this article helps you to get the right direction to ensure success with your SEO project and investment. If you find it worth, be generous to share it with your customers, prospects, colleague and friends to benefit them with something new in SEO according to modern trends which actually work.

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