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Search Engine Optimization is a strategic approach to bring the long term benefits to a business. It is no longer the old school practice of performing mass submissions and getting into the top list. It is much more than that because the search engines have become very strict about the quality guidelines. The old schooled SEO strategy can harm you instead of benefiting. Thus, it is very much important to make a wise decision while you are hiring an SEO expert or an SEO agency. If you’re considering hiring an SEO expert or an SEO company, then read on. This article shares top 5 tips which will help you to choose the best SEO agency or an SEO professional.

Tip 1: Reject the company which claims to give 100% guaranteed top rankings or leads
Surprised? Don’t be. Just trust us! A simple fact, “Google or any other search engine is not a relative of any SEO agency. So nobody can give a guarantee of the top 3 rankings. Yes, the professional SEO companies will give you a timeline and assurance to get the top rankings, but trust me: ‘guarantee’ is something you should stay away from. Why? The reason is, if the SEO Company gives guarantees for the top 3 rankings or some other result then there are 2 possibilities:

  1. They are lying to get your project with an approach to earn for as much time as they can by fooling customers with fake promises.
  2. They may apply black hat SEO techniques which will actually bring the guaranteed result, but it can hurt you in a long run.

So go with the company or a professional who gives assurance with a clearer timeline to bring expected results, but not claiming guaranteed results!

Tip 2: Select the SEO professional who believes in educating the customer
This is the best way to gauge whether the SEO expert you are hiring has required knowledge and expertise or not. The SEO professional will educate you with the process and any query you put in front. On the contrary, self claimed SEO experts will either avoid answering your queries or give illogical explanations.

Tip 3: Ask for the portfolio
This is an important step while you are hiring an SEO agency or an experienced SEO manager. Make sure to ask for their previous work and results achieved. This really helps in ensuring you are hiring the right person or a company which know how to bring results.

Tip 4: Check their digital profiles
A company or a professional who is going to bring strong digital benefits for you must have positive digital presence. Review profile of the SEO manager who will handle your project. You can take help of social networking websites to review profile of the SEO expert your project will be handled by. Also, see the profiles and pages of the SEO agency, you are going to hire. Are they active on digital world? This is necessary to know your project is going to be in the safe hands.

Tip 5: Check testimonials, reviews and client references
It is okay if you can’t collect all three of them: testimonials, reviews and references, but you should check at least one of them and it has to be above average. Yes, I’m not asking to look for the best only because there are a few clients which never get happy even if everything is perfect; there are a few angry employees for no right reasons and there are competitors as well who can give negative feedback so don’t get too much concerned if there are a few negative comments about an SEO agency you are considering to hire, it is normal. However, the overall reviews or ratings should be positive. I recommend taking help of digital channels to review testimonials and ratings for the company to get an unbiased view about an SEO agency.

These are the top 5 tips to ensure you hire the best SEO agency or an SEO expert who knows how to get the best result with right commitments and a strategic approach.

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  • Corliss
    December 30, 2017

    Your article got me thinking. I have been a small business owner for a decade and during that time there’s been many changes, mostly by Google, to eliminate the gaming of search algorithms from an SEO or digital marketing point of view. It seems, now more than ever, we should focus our SEO initiatives on actionable content creation and highly salient backlinking from authoritative webpages. The new wave of SEO and digital marketing is going to be about creating real life partnerships with other businesses online instead of feeding our current partnership with an algorithm. Wonderful blog! Thanks.

    • DMIn
      December 30, 2017

      Thanks Corliss for leaving your thoughts. We are glad you liked the article. Feel free to browse through our other articles written on SMM, Content and digital marketing trends in 2018.


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