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As a business person I prefer and suggest to listen/watch/read the success stories or interviews of other successful business. Why? Well, these people have already gone through a journey and as a business person, it must be in your nature to learn from others mistake and achievements so you can save time from making mistakes or trying different things. By exploring the success stories of successful entrepreneurs, you will get to know what to do and what no to do so you can speed up your growth.

Today I get an opportunity to hear Kelly Hatfield. She is managing 3 different businesses with her partner April. She is successful in the recruitment and hiring business. She shared a few great insights of her journey, which I am sharing here.

Know your why

It is very important to know why you want to be an entrepreneur. It can be your family, money, anything. As per her, each successful entrepreneur has a dark story. This dark story will keep you going on the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship.

 Cultivate Habits & Be Organized

It’s always important to cultivate habits so you keep going. She used to make a list of 3 tasks to be completed tomorrow before she leaves office today.  This 3 task must be the one which can push her to the growth and success, and not just a bullet list which needs to get checked off. She makes sure she does something every day which makes her day productive. This way she ensures that she can maximum out of her time.

Create Healthy Work Culture

Get the right candidates on board and create a healthy work culture. Don’t think you are the boss. Listen to each employee, be open-minded and accept the creativity of your team members. Your goals and values must get passed to your team and they must believe in it with the same determination as you do.

Top 5 Quotes Shared By Her

  • Control your day and don’t let your day control you.
  • Do what you say and say what you mean!
  • Know your why!
  • Don’t have dictator work culture in your company
  • Little things make a big difference

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