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Content writing is highly strategic approach of writing on a subject in an engaging way. It is not just writing some lines in order and put it on the web. It requires thorough research of a subject, understanding of the best practices of writing content and putting the right voice and tone. The best content writing service offered by a professional content writer is a perfect amalgamation of subject, logic and science of writing a good piece of content artistically. In this article, I have shared different types of content; knowing the types of content will give you a clear hint of difficulty of writing content and understanding worth of a professional content writer. Also, it will help you to define a clear requirement of content to your writer.

There are many types of content and we will see the 5 most used categories in content writing.

Technical content writing
Technical content writing requires deep understanding of the subject and related technologies. It is normally used by companies offering software development, web development, mobile application development, AI services, manufacturing services, Software As A Service or any other technical service or solution. Technical content writing requires a lot of time in research and understanding the technicalities of the subject. Of course, the technical content writing requires articles, webpage, Blog content, but they demand specialized content more often, which won’t be required by the non-technical businesses and service providers. This type of writing needs additional skills and efforts because it demands thorough understanding of technical terms. The professional writer has to use all those technical terms and at the same time has to ensure the content is easy to understand by the end users, who are not really technical and subject experts. The stated technical writing examples are listed below:

  • Whitepaper
  • Case study
  • Product manual
  • User manual
  • Technical guide

Due to required efforts and skills, the technical content writing is more expensive.

Non-technical content writing
The nontechnical content writing is generally used for businesses that provide non-technical services such as wedding services, catering services, photography service, plumbing, house repair, home décor and other similar services. This type of business needs more of simple and non-technical content such as webpage, articles, Blogs, etc. Furthermore, they need audience specific and more conversational content.

SEO friendly content writing
The businesses which are willing to get top ranks over search engines like Google need SEO friendly content writing service. The expert content writers will use their years of knowledge of the best SEO practices and current algorithm updates for SEO content writing. Generally, SEO experts use a lot of different types of content for content marketing that is part of search engine optimization best practices. Some of the most commonly used content with SEO friendly content writing are article, Blog, news release, Guest post, etc. Also, the WebPages get written with the best SEO practices to make it SEO friendly that is quicker to crawl and index.

Marketing content writing service
This type of content is used to create marketing material for a business or an individual. This marketing content can be used online or offline. If it is to be used online on the web, then it has to be SEO friendly. For offsite, it needs to follow the best practices of the local market. Some of the examples of marketing content are brochure, flyer, pamphlet, greeting or invitation cards, email, etc.

Business content writing service
This is a specific type of content that is used by a company more often or occasionally. This type of content writing needs to follow the standard of the company and its own style. Some of the examples of business content writing are letterhead formats for different agendas, professional email templates, the company’s mission, vision statements and more.

These are the top 5 categories of content. Each content type is getting written with a different style, tone and voice. Thus, a skilled professional writer can write it at its best to yield good results and of course, the professional service has its own cost. Content is important and investing in it would definitely benefit you. Stop looking for the cheap content writing service; start using the best content writing service to get the long lasting results.

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