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David Mihm has been running a survey to find Local Search Ranking Factors for almost 9 years. These search results always add value to strategy building for the digital marketing professionals and SEO experts. This survey results give a clearer hint about what shall be focused to get higher rankings in the Local Search Results.

Below is the graphical representation of the survey result shared by Moz:

2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey Results Moz
For a clearer understanding of digital marketers and SEO executives, below are the cited results from Moz which can help you to build a better digital marketing strategy or local search results:

Link Signals – 29%
The link signals are made up of inbound links with hyper aka anchor text, authority of the domains linking back to you, quantity of the domains linking back to you, credibility of the domain linking to you and more similar factors.

On page signals – 24%
The on page signals are made up of Title and meta description tag with priority keywords, Domain Authority, Presence of Contact Details, Clear navigation, Header tag optimization and more as such factors.

Behavioral Signals – 11%
These signals contain behavior based actions such as clicks on mobile results, CTR (Click-through Rate), check-ins, etc.)

Personalization – 9%
This signal is more about the personalized result serving. For example, accelerated pages for mobile search, etc. 

Citation Signals – 8%
These signals are more about the citation made for your company and relevant details. For example, citation volume, consistency in Name, Address and Phone details at different places, and similar factors. 

My Business Signals – 7%
These are the technical signals woven around keywords. These are connected with the keywords in business title, categories used in the Blog, Keyword proximity and density in content, etc.

Review Signals – 7%
These signals are related to received reviews for your business over different sites such as Google business listing pages. The signals contain the total number of reviews, diversity of the reviews, quality of reviews, and more similar factors.

Social Signals – 4%
Though people ignore Social Media Marketing at a certain level, the SMM activities play a role in the higher ranking. As you may have assumed, the activities over social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. plays a role here

Hope this article benefited you to make a better strategy for local digital marketing. If you want to get more details, please read the complete article of Moz here


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