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Google Panda Guide - Digital Marketers IndiaGoogle Panda is one of the major algorithmic changes made by Google in its history. It had affected so many people when launched for the first time back in 2011. Now, it is part of its regular ranking algorithm and plays a major role in getting ranked as well as kicked out of the Google Ranking.

SEO experts and digital marketers must be aware about this. However, there are team leaders, owners and other managers who might be leading the Digital Marketing team or coordinating with an external Digital Marketing Agency yet not aware about this Google ranking algorithm details. This article will share a complete guide in the simplest language possible to understand the Google Panda.

What is the Google Panda Update?

It is a Google search engine algorithm, which penalize the sites with “thin content”. The Thin Content means poor quality content or duplicate content as well as content farm. It also penalizes the website with too many ads pop-ups.

What does it mean by Thin Content?

In the simplest language, if you are using the same content multiple times in different pages or websites, then this will be thin content. Moreover, the content with poor quality or forcible keyword stuffing also falls under the category of thin content.

In this algorithm, Google also advised to be mindful with the ads you place on the page. The distracting popups and top banner ads can be harmful.

What is Panda penalty?

The Google Panda penalty affects the whole website instead of a single page with the poor quality so it is always good to be careful. This penalty can be:

  • Decrease in the Rankings
  • Getting out of the Google rankings completely

How to recognize when you get hit by the Penguin?

You will see a major drop in your traffic from Google in the visitor’s flow.

Steps to check Google Panda penalty

Open Google Analytics -> Click on your website -> Acquisition -> Channels -> Organic

What is the good news?

You can recover from this penalty. Also, this can be quickly recovered because now, it is part of the regular ranking algorithm. Thus, you don’t need to wait for too long until the algorithm gets refreshed again.

How to recover from the Google Penguin Penalty?

Replace the thin content with the quality content

Will this get you the rankings back?

Yes, but not instantly. You have to wait till it get crawled by the Google-bot

What you may do to quicker the process?

Once you replace the content, simply submit the sitemap.xml in the Google Webmaster Tool. It won’t guarantee quick recovery, but this is one of the recommended ways to invite Google-bot to crawl your website quickly.

What is the best approach To Avoid This Penalty?

The best approach is following a few recommended suggestions as below:

  • The web page content has to be unique and never get copied for any reason to distribute at multiple places
  • Do not stuff keywords. Maintain the natural content flow

The best advice is taking the help of professional and experience content writers who knows SEO friendly content writing.

How to find the best SEO friendly content writers?

It is pretty simple. Ask them a few tricky questions. The thing which you need to know to gauge their knowledge is this:

The Google is no more dependent on the “Exact Match Keywords”. You can break or merge the keyword. Moreover, you can use synonyms. An experienced writer knows this fact.

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