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Lead generation is the heart of any business. Digital Marketing is one of the major contributors in massive lead generation for any business, regardless of size and industry vertical. However, most of the businesses end up losing money without getting any results from their digital marketing efforts. Why? The most common reasons behind this are:

  1. They are practicing wrong activities or
  2. They are practicing right activities in an inefficient way

This article will help business owners and digital marketers to understand digital marketing and how it contributes to massive lead generation.

We are more receptive to stories so let’s experience the role of digital marketing in massive lead generation with a story:

Amy is a Jr. Software Developer in a Software company. She starts her day like any other professional by checking her email. She has received an email from ‘Digital Marketers India’, a digital marketing agency from India. She just read the subject line and deleted the email like many of us often do. She got busy with her work.

During lunch time, she was scrolling through her Facebook feed and she shows an interesting image about digital marketing shared by the Digital Marketers India, same Indian Digital Marketing Agency from India. She scrolls down, liked a few pictures of her friends, and commented on his cousin’s status and get back to work.

She is working on a website development project. Her supervisor asked her to apply some 301 redirection and other SEO standards in the website she is developing. She browsed the internet looking for the information for 301 redirection and its effect as well as some tips to build a website according to SEO standards. During her web search, she found a Blog of Digital Marketers India sharing tips on SEO friendly web development. She read the article along with a few more articles from other companies and writers. To make her work the best, she asked for SEO friendly web development tips in a few LinkedIn groups and Quora. Multiple people answered her and one of them belongs to Digital Marketers India. She again got busy with her work.

In the evening when she was randomly surfing net, she came across an ad from Digital Marketers India, which was talking about Top 5 Things To Be Taken Care of to make website SEO friendly. She didn’t click and continued surfing. While she was leaving for home, one of her colleagues invited her to register for a webinar which will talk about modern day web development. The webinar will have 3 different speakers. After reaching home, in free time, when she looked for more information about that webinar, one of the names sounds familiar to her. That presenter belongs to the Digital Marketers India.

This routine continued for some days. In busy working life, Amy continued to come across different articles, videos, comments, social shares, emails, ads, etc. from Digital Marketers India.

Today she is appearing in the team meeting about the project she is working upon. During her meeting, one of the seniors stated, “The website development is done well by you guys, but the client says it is slow and not getting good ranks in Google. He needs website optimization. What do you guys suggest?” Different team members were giving different suggestions including Amy.

Amy said, “We can take help of Digital Marketers India. They are experts in digital marketing and offer one time SEO service to optimize website to make it SEO and user friendly.

Do you know them?”, Senior asked.

Not personally, but I’ve seen them online. They are quite active and seem to be experts in their field. You can give them a try or at least discuss.’, Amy responded.

The meeting concluded with some more discussion. The senior came back to his desk and opened the website: He read details of the different services offered by the company and found it interesting. Also, he quickly checked the Blogs titles and found it an authentic company worth giving a try. He raised an inquiry and got busy with his routine.

Same evening one of the customers of that senior talked with him about an event their company will be participating in and said, “Digital marketing is important and we are looking for someone who can help us.” That client got suggestion of: Digital Marketers India.

And the story continues…..

This happens in the marketing. Each digital marketing activity contributes in the lead generation. Some activities directly contribute and some indirectly influence the lead generation. Also, you need to be consistent with your digital marketing activities. It is always good to add as many digital marketing channels as you can. Even big brands like Google, Apple invest massively in marketing. They try paid ads, remarketing, organic marketing, email marketing, press coverage, TV ads, Video ads, so on and so forth. Because Digital Marketing is not a luxury, it is a NECESSITY.

The most important thing you need to understand as a business owner is don’t look for shortcuts or cheap solutions as those will not give expected or long lasting results. Plus, you will not start getting hundreds of leads overnight. Marketing is not about tricking people to buy your product.

Marketing is about generating awareness about your company/service/product among targeted and relevant audience through all possible marketing channels. Marketing is about generating curiosity and attract the audience to consume content and information you shared. Marketing is about staying on top of the mind of people. So whenever they or anyone in their closed network is looking for a service/product similar to the one you are selling, you will be on the top list of people they would approach or suggest to approach.

Role of Marketing in Lead Generation - Digital Marketers India
Make sense?

To generate awareness and to stay on top of all other competitors you must be CONSISTENT WITH YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS and TRY ALL MARKETING CHANNELS, subject to your budget.

Hope this article made it easier to understand marketing and its role in lead generation. Still, if you have any query, feel free to contact Digital Marketers India, we would love to educate you with more facts and examples.



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