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hire experienced developerAn employee is a vital resource in any organization. Even the most intelligent and smart businessman needs an enthusiastic work force working behind him else he will be lost in juggling small tasks on his own. This will create a roadblock which will never allow him to go BIG. Any company is nothing without their dedicated and passionate team and this is an undeniable fact.

In my almost a decade long experience I have seen many companies prefer to hire fresher or less experienced executives because they charge less salaries. In fact, I have seen a bitter side of business, too, in which, the company fires a manager once he reaches a certain level of pay scale with thinking that they can hire 2 executives with less experience in the salary of that single employee. This is the biggest mistake made by novice business owners.

This article will share top 5 reasons to hire an experienced and expert professional.

Please make sure to check you are hiring an expert because experience is not number of years a person has worked in the industry, but the quality of expertise and versatility they have.

If you’re in hurry and don’t have time to read whole article, here is the crux for you:

An experienced expert is:

  • More mature with his work and adapting changes
  • More professional, well mannered and quick in his work
  • Easy to manage and deal with
  • Versatile to use as both leader and team member
  • Source of new ideas

This will help you from:

  • Spending time in making him understanding his task
  • Correcting (repetitive) mistakes

Thus, you can focus on:

  • Your core strength
  • Business development
  • Productivity Increase
  • Revenue increase

Now, let’s explore these facts in detail, why an experienced expert is better to hire than a less or non-experienced executive?

He knows his job which saves your time and efforts

An experienced expert knows his job role clearly. Also, he knows how to do it effectively. The fresher or less experienced person needs explanation of job along with the constant supervision and mentorship. You have to have staff that can be there to answer the questions of the less experienced person. Sometimes, even after explaining the job, they make mistakes and repeat the mistakes. This will make your task even worst. Instead of getting help in decreasing your work load, you will end up increasing the stress and work load. This will not be the case with and experienced professional. You only need to tell him the task to be done and you are sorted!

He can do it quickly with precision, which results in increased productivity

The experienced executive is doing the task for years. This gives him the speed and accuracy, both. This will increase the productivity remarkably. In alternate option, the less experienced or fresher is still going through the learning phase. He takes time in completing the task; and accuracy is still the matter of question in 95% of cases. Here, you can double the productivity with an experienced person and this will give you better ROI.

He doesn’t need mentorship, he mentors others

The experienced person has the hands on skills of his domain. This will not only make him quick in finishing his own tasks, but you can also utilize him as a managerial resource that will mentor others to do their job well and increase their productivity. See again! He is giving double productivity + he increase productivity of other team members, too

They comes with their own knowledge mine

The experienced expert has worked in the industry for years. He has actually made his hands dirty in the field and this makes him the knowledge bank. He will not only quickly adapt the work environment of your company with maturity, but will also add his expertise and industry knowledge to sharpen the skills of other team members and increasing the professionalism of the company. He will give new ideas which a company can implement to increase the business.

He will not only justify investment on him, will also increase the ROI

If you have clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you will easily gauge the returns you made by investing on this experienced employee. Not only this! The experienced executive will ensure to give each required suggestions and do everything needed to make sure he contributes in increasing the revenues of the company because he knows: growth of the company is growth of himself.

Think about the long term. You are hiring someone so you can decrease the load, not to take load of handling a novice person. If you have enough resources and time to train the less experienced executives, then it is a different case. However, hiring 1 expensive expert is better than hiring 2-4 less experienced executives because ultimately ROI has to be justified and you can do A/B testing, an experienced executive is the winning case!


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