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This is an essential question and each SEO expert must have the same or similar answer as there cannot be any other answer of this question. As an SEO professional, you might have heard this question in almost each interview given for the post of SEO Manager or Digital Marketing Manager. If you’re not sure about the right answer this Blog will answer this multi dollar question today!

Answer in one line is: Start with the research of owned media (Website, Social Profiles, PPC Campaigns, etc.). What if they don’t have owned media, research their idea, business and other owned collaterals of the business.

Now, let’s have some more insight to this question and find the most important, why? Why to research the owned media or existing business?


  • Researching the owned media and current business will give you the immense knowledge about the business you are going to market.
  • You will understand the strength and weakness of the business you will be promoting.
  • You will know each ifs and buts of the business so you can answer each ifs and buts of your customer and your customer’s customers

This will help in creating an effective Digital marketing or SEO plan which is built on the strength of the business to be marketed and focused to achieve the business goals of your customer.

If you don’t research well and don’t understand the business you will be marketing, then you are simply shouting aimlessly in the crowd with a thinking you will get a buyer. And my dear friend, this will not work for you, your career, the community of digital marketers and most importantly your client.

So make sure to take a first step of research to understand the current stage of the business.

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