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Winter Holiday season is the best season of the year for many businesses and this is the time to get aggressive with digital marketing to turn this Christmas holidays into a money making business. This article shares top 7 tips to convert your business into money making machine during this holiday season.

Last month of the year brings holidays and happiness for people, but what about businesses? Well, for businesses it brings opportunities to fuel up their business. For a few industry verticals such as, eCommerce, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Food, this is the time to turn the fortune in their favor with creative business tactic. Also, with growing creativity in digital marketing, other businesses and industry verticals have started taking benefit of the holiday season. Here are the top 7 tips to skyrocket your business with usage of effective digital marketing tactics.

1. Create Mobile Friendly Landing Page
I strongly recommend creating a custom landing page for the holiday season campaign. You should get a customized and optimized landing page development to handle these customers and use it in your promotional campaigns. Make sure this landing page is mobile friendly because 65% of consumers use mobile devices to look for a product and later buy it from their bigger devices. Make sure to create a mobile friendly page to serve a better experience on mobile devices.

2. Do something outstanding
Everyone around is running email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns, you must get into the game of something creative and outstanding. This will help in bypassing the competition and become an ultimate winner. Practically working ideas these days involve running a “Big Day Sale” on a specific date which will give huge discount or use custom video marketing to engage with your consumers.

 3. Use Social Media Marketing Aggressively
The Social Networking sites are the best place to find your potential customers as these are the sites where consumers spend a lot of time.

Here are some interesting statistics, you must know:

  • 69% of Facebook users proactively use Facebook to find discounts and share the information with friends.
  • Half of the social media users shown willingness to share pictures of their recent purchase on social sites. This encourages more consumers to purchase the same or similar products according to business intelligence.
  • 30% of Gen X and 48% of millennial consumers indicated that they will use social to find out about products to purchase.

This might have given you a hint of how important Social Media Marketing is to reach a large audience and increase leads during this winter holiday season.

4. Use Paid Ads on Social Networking sites and Search Engine
You don’t have time to put an SEO strategy in place to attract a lot of consumers. This is the time to get into the field and reaching out more and more consumers within almost no time. You better use paid ads to push your offers and creative products to your customers. It takes five to six impressions to make an unknown brand known to a consumer. Keep this fact in mind while running paid ads and get an unmovable impression in your consumers’ mind.

5. Use Remarketing Campaigns
Generally, people search for a product or holiday package while planning their holidays and then forget about it or change their mind. However, you don’t let them forget you. Keep pushing your ads to those consumers with remarketing campaigns until they make a purchase. This really works in holiday season as they are ready to buy as everyone else around is making purchases; all they need is a little push.

6. Get in touch with your Ex Clients
Send holiday greetings and get in touch with your ex customers who ever made a purchase from you. Don’t forget to push your new products and services in the greeting emails indirectly.  Let them recall you and your awesome service which may result in repeat business.

7. Start NOW
If you haven’t started yet, you are already late. Just go for it. Gather your digital marketing expert team in the next hour or consult a good digital marketing agency; share your business goal to be achieved this holiday season and run aggressive digital marketing campaigns NOW else you will be very late to make any positive difference in your business this holiday season.

These are the top 7 tips for business to take benefit of the holiday season in their favor by making some more money and pushing their business to become a household name among consumers. Need professional advice and assistance? Contact us NOW.



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