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Regardless of size and industry, marketing has become a necessary part of any business. With technological advancement, new marketing channels and techniques are introduced still the heart of marketing is intact. The base of marketing is developed on 3 main channels which are shared in this article. These 3 marketing channels can be used in both, digital marketing and traditional marketing strategy building.

The knowledge of these three different marketing channels will help you, as a marketer or a business owner, to understand different marketing segments to build an effective marketing strategy which brings in success and better ROI.

The stated 3 different marketing channels are:

  1. Organic
  2. Paid and
  3. Owned

Let’s explore each in brief:

  1. Organic
    Generally, organic marketing is free or less expensive compared to other channels of marketing. You don’t need to pay exclusively for promotions to direct promoters. This type of marketing campaign can get successful only if you put required massive and quality efforts to reach the top of people’s mind. The benefit of this marketing technique is, the results are long lasting.

Below is the list of some Organic Marketing Channels:

The important thing to keep in mind is that the organic activities take time to achieve the expected result.

  1. Paid
    When you need to pay for each promotion made (such as each click on your link or each exposure you get, that marketing channels are fallen under paid marketing category. The benefit of this marketing technique is it gives instant results.

Below is the list of some Paid Marketing Channels:

  • Online Ads more commonly known as PPC/CPC/CPM on Search Engines, Social Networking and adword affiliated websites
  • Traditional Ads in News Paper, Television, Radio, etc.
  • Subscribing to paid referral programs or business affiliate sites; here you pay predefined commission to someone who promote and sell your service or products.

The important thing to keep in mind is you need to keep on paying to be in the top list. The day your budget runs out or you stop using paid advertising; the doors of business may get closed.

  1. Owned
    This channel is indirectly related to organic marketing in some extent. While using this marketing channel, you use your owned media aka property to promote your business, service and product. The benefit of this marketing channel is you don’t need to pay for promotions at all and you have full control and ownership of marketing material.

Below is the list of some Owned Marketing Channels:

  • Website
  • Personal or Website Blog
  • Your own social media profiles or company profiles
  • Your building hoardings
  • Your pamphlets, flyers, business cards, etc.

The good content shared over owned media boosts the rankings in the search engines. Also, it increases the possibility of getting linked back by others. The owned media often contributes in improving organic marketing results and also used in the paid promotions as a base.

The best marketing strategy can be designed by involving all 3 marketing channels and putting it in the right role, according to the business and targeted audience nature.

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